"Before the automation, we were using two operators, running four machines, hand loading and unloading each part. It was time consuming and labor intensive. In eight weeks of running we saw a 30% swing in efficiency increases." - Jeremy, S.

"Integrating automation, such as the kind that Compass brought to us is a priority for [company name] and critical for us to serve our customers going forward. We plan on bringing Compass back to look at other processes and other automation integration possibilities at our other plants as well. - Mark, K.

Production machining manufacturer , MI

"One of the things that caught our ear with Compass was that they would do a rapid prototype process and test out that theory in the real world before they would scale up to go automatic. They would test out any areas that were new or innovative and prove them out and then move them into the mass production model. As we began working together it seemed that they had a good match of experience and well as an openness of communication. Things that set compass apart were: the energy, the inventiveness, and the eagerness to work with us." - Chris, A.

"Compass has different ideas, more modern ideas than some of the older automation companies we've seen." - Mike, H.

"Been a great team to work with; from the guys on the floor to the management. I like their approach, and how they set things up. They keep us involved." - Dennis, B.

Automotive castings and machining manufacturer, IL

"Compass came through with everything we had asked for. We have a part that has a 100+ dimensions on it, and it looks like the system is going to do everything that we need it to do. Everything seems to be going pretty well; real pleased with the way the equipment has turned out. Excited to put it to use. - Wade, C.

"I foresee the equipment solving a lot of problems by using the data for SPC, and really pinpointing where our problems truly lie." - Tim, R.

Manufacturer of automotive components, IL

"This process is the most labor intensive process we have in our facility. Compass took the time to understand our project; we didn't have that advantage with everyone we worked with. I think we are on the right track; we're going to have some success with this system." - Mike, G.

Manufacturer supplying power blocks, terminal blocks, and fuse holders, OH

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