Honing Machine Tending & Inspection

L o a d i n g

Compass Automation designed, built, and installed a custom machine tending and inspection system for a customer supplying automotive parts at a cycle time of two parts every 17 seconds.

The system consists of a manually loaded bowl feeder which presents parts to a Fanuc robot with a dual gripper tool. The two parts are then brought to a servo driven dual brush station where the center bore of each part is cleared of machining chips.

Next the parts are delivered to an Engis honing machine. Finished parts are taken from the Engis machine by the Fanuc robot and dunked into a cleaning tank before being placed on dual Heidenhain air gages. The center bore of the parts is inspected with two servo mounted grippers mounted to a linear actuator. Once the inspection is complete, the parts are pulled off the air gage and sorted into bins by a six cavity linear actuator and two reject chutes.

This Compass Automation system made it possible for the end user to meet the standards set by their customer for inspection of the part at the required production rate. 

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