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What does Compass Automation do?

We design and build custom equipment to automate manufacturing processes. We've been called an automation company, an integrator, a machine builder, an engineering house - whatever you want to call us - we solve manufacturing problems.

What is Agile Engineering or Agile Machine Development?

At Compass Automation, we utilize a propriety project management and machine design methodology called Agile Machine Development. This system is vastly different than our competitors, and it is best explained in video.

The fundamental difference between an agile project and a traditional project is the execution of the mechanical engineering phase. We break the machine into multiple testable modules or stations. These modules are representative of the stations that will be included in the final system (in many instances, we can drop a completed module directly into the final system). We design the modules, build them, and test them. When required, we redesign, rebuild, and retest, iterating until the module meets all design requirements, and we are satisfied that the concept will work well in the final system.

We do it to mitigate overall project risk and deliver more successful machines; and it works. Try it today - you'll never go back to industry norm.

What processes do you automate?

We are very flexible when it comes to solving problems. Manufacturers come to us for help automating their assembly, inspection, machine tending, soldering, gear deburring, etc. The more engineering required, the better.

What products do you integrate?

There is something new every time, but we integrate several products on a regular basis: conveyors, cameras, lasers, robots (of every kind), presses, soldering/welding tools, spindles, indexers, etc. On the controls side, we program all the major PLCs (Rockwell-Allen Bradley, Siemens, etc.) and also computer based systems.

We aren't a distributor for any product, so you will see us use whatever works best for your particular project.

What do you outsource?

We don't outsource much; maybe some fabrication (welding, machining, finishing, etc.). We do all of our mechanical and electrical engineering in-house, as well as wiring and machine assembly right here at our facility.

Who is your typical customer and project size?

We work with medium size manufacturers to multi-nationals across all industries. Our customers are in every corner of the U.S. and now international. They are interested in automating a particular process. The automation systems we build range in size from $200,000 - $2 M+. We do smaller projects as well, when the customer and application are a good fit.

How do we get a quote for an automation system?

Please fill out this form and prepare a scope of work. A Compass representative will be in contact shortly after.

How long does it take to deliver a system?

Project length varies based on the scope, but projects can be designed and runoff in as little as 16 weeks and up to 30+ weeks. Typically they fall in the 20-24 week range.

How do you manage projects?

We strive to deliver a customer experience second to none. We agree upon goals, measurements, and scope up-front and deliver total transparency throughout the project cycle, from initial machine design to final assembly. Our project management keeps the customer informed with weekly project updates, engineering design reviews, project reports and delivery timelines. We wrote a software program named Charybdis that allows us to track your project's status in real time throughout the entire manufacturing process.

How do you support your machines?

Our job does not end at installation. We partner with our customers to ensure their machine is running at optimum efficiency. Our experience and passion for performance has led us to develop a comprehensive suite of support services including: on-site production support, system upgrades, machine retrofits, spare parts management, and much more. Included with every machine quote is our All-inclusive Service Plan ensuring that any issues that may arise will be taken care of at no charge. No matter what the situation, we leverage our resources and knowledge base to help our customers outperform. Contact us here.

Who works at Compass?

Mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, programmers, electricians, machinists, tool makers, and other really cool people work at Compass. See more of them here.

How do you become an employee at Compass?

Be born with super-hero like qualities, or just contact us here.

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