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Compass has engineered a multitude of assembly automation systems in a wide variety of market segments. From press-fitting heavy-duty automotive components, to assembling and soldering electronics, Compass has the expertise to optimize your assembly processes. Our machines have assembled products that range in size from millimeters to feet, and ounces to hundreds of pounds.

Compass engineers have a broad range of assembly expertise and have built systems for many industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Consumer Goods, Electronics and Industrial industries.

Large or small, we can handle any assembly project. This expertise, coupled with our outstanding inspection capabilities, make us the perfect choice for your next automated assembly machine. We can integrate inspection right into the automated assembly system, ensuring that your products are put together the right way every time.

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Assembly Subcategories

Compass manufactures flexible, lean assembly automation solutions -- ranging from modular systems to fully automated, turnkey assembly lines.

Assembly Automation Platforms

We utilize a wide range of leading technologies to create high-speed transfer systems that perform with accuracy and precision from station-to-station.

Assembly Process Applications

Our experience working with a broad set of customers and industries has us integrating solutions for these applications on a regular basis.

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